Platform Server Architecture

Platform Server Architecture

X-to-Earn Game Platform

X-to-Earn Game

YOOLDO is a game platform. It is closer to the concept of X2E than P2E. The types of earn for the games to be released at YOOLDO will be different depending on the content provided by each game. For example, the reward type for Trouble Punk:CyberGalz, which will be the first game launching on YOOLDO, corresponds to Win-to-Earn among X-to-Earns. Trouble Punk is different from the earn model in which tokens are obtained through early play, regardless of the skill of the gamer.

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Decentralized JURY

A new paradigm where Web3.0 handles the malicious behavior systematically in the game.

  • •   Juries can review a game play claimed by an accuser and decide on a verdict.
  • •   The juries can choose a winning party of the trial session before the trial begins and get rewards upon the session results.


A playground for NFT communities

  • •   There are many NFT communities today, but some of them have no utility or nothing to enjoy.
  • •   YOOLDO provides entertainment and utility to partner NFTs and helps them maintain the NFT community strong in the long run.

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